Candice is a life-long lover of travel and has a background in marketing and promotions in the UK. She’s now a writer, therapist and blogger. Steve is a Welsh project manager, fitness nut, food lover and intrepid explorer of local wines wherever he goes. They both love the outdoors and their nights spent roughing it in tents half way up a mountain somewhere – they’ve climbed four of Africa’s highest peaks – only heighten their appreciation of the times they wake up in luxury hotels rather than in sleeping bags.

Between them they have travelled to around sixty countries and lived in five, with home for now being Chiang Mai in Northern Thailand where they live with their rescue dog, Mango, whom they brought with them when they moved from Dubai.

They share their travels, tips and adventures on the blog, Desert to Jungle.

Favourite countries include Greece (partly for the food and wine), Iran (definitely not for the food or wine), Madagascar and Singapore.

Each of them thinks the other is the worst singer in the world (Candice is correct).

Simone is an Australian writer, traveller and some-time English teacher. Her nomadic childhood has given her permanent itchy feet. She has spent the last 10 years living and travelling all over Europe, Central Asia and South East Asia. Simone enjoys adventure and once joined a team of friends to cycle from Edinburgh to Everest. She also enjoys cake and seeks out the bakeries at every new destination.

South America is on her wish list.

She started to let her friends know where in the world she was, and to give advice to other travellers.

Simone often has Barry (from Northern Ireland) in tow, a fellow adventurer and swing dancer (they met on the dance floor in 2009). Barry is a digital entrepreneur with 15 years’ experience of web development, especially in the hotel industry.

Chelsea Batten is an itinerant journalist and photographer. She lives on the road, collecting the extraordinary stories that take place under the cover of ordinary life. In collaboration with friends around the country, she runs a project called The Connoisseurs. Half documentary, half travel blog, it highlights the hard-won insights and specialty knowledge of people who deserve to be famous. People also hire her to write compelling copy about travel, music, and other important things. She prefers bourbon over scotch, has frequent dreams of flying, and is always the last one to leave the dance floor.

Find her at: &

Born with passport in hand, Ottawa’s Anita Mac is an adventurer, blogger & freelancer specializing in travel writing, photography & bucket lists. Her adventures include cycling solo across Canada, walking across Spain & exploring the world, sharing tales & tips from road as she goes. Sharing adventure & experience from her vast bucket lists is what she is all about.

Anita Mac writes about bucket listable destinations and adventures for professionals who travel. She is currently working on a number of different bucket list projects and adventures which she shares with her readers, inspiring travel and exploration. She brings weekend getaways, dream vacations, epic adventures and tips from destinations around the world to a global readership. Looking for hotel recommendations? Luxury experiences? Adventures? Foodie experiences? There is something for everyone on Travel Destination Bucket List. So, the question on everyone’s lips? Where to next?