Relax in the Alps

Take in the stunning lake and mountain views while you breathe in the serene atmosphere, this is the Swiss Hotel Villa Honegg.

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An ultra-luxe full-service holiday in a villa all your own, at Bali’s Villa Sungai and Sungai Gold.

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Heritage luxury

After visiting the temples of Angkor, Heritage Suites’ fantastic restaurant, immense suites and chilled pool will make you feel wonderful.

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Your infinity pool..

Tucked away in the paddy fields and forests of Bali, the Amori Villa’s pool gives a swim you will never forget.

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A luxury chalet..

Le Chalets De Philippe offers charming, quaint individual chalets combined with a hot tub on your balcony.

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City living..

It’s all about location, service and views when it comes to city hotels, that’s why the Hansar is the top choice for Bangkok, Thailand.

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Country retreat..

Bright, airy and with fresh flowers on every surface, that’s the 970 Lonely Bay Lodge in New Zealand…you will never want to leave!

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Island paradise..

The stuff dreams are made of: the Vahine Island Resort in French Polynesia. The crystal clear waters, the lush palm groves and fantasy overwater bungalows will call to you in your sleep…

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In our hotels choices we look for something a bit different, not a faceless chain or bland corridors which lead you to a room which could easily be anywhere. We value hotels which are unique, boutique or independent. We like to know where we are, whether through the locally created art work or indigenously sourced materials. We prefer hotels which demonstrate integrity through how they source their produce or how they reflect the history and diversity of their region. Above all we look for places that we would happily return to again, and know that you would too.


From Bangkok to Bali, Scotland to Sydney our database is growing all the time. We cover flashy city districts, quaint rural villages, remote tropical islands and isolated country retreats. If you need inspiration and don’t know where to begin, just browsing our fantastic pictures should fire up your imagination. And if you’ve had a hotel stay which seems a perfect fit and you are bursting to recommend we’d love to hear from you too. To feature here the hotel doesn’t have to be expensive; it just needs to be special.


We wanted to create the sort of site we would trust to help us make our precious holiday and mini break choices. It’s not easy to find reliable recommendations that speak to the things that are important to you, but we have tried to make this that place. We only recommend places we’ve loved and we share why in bite-sized description which give you enough of a taster to help you decide whether to go to their website or not. You can save hours trawling the internet because we have done the research for you. The only hard work left for you is in your final decisions!

For many years, flying experiences have always held significance in offering us an outlook that goes beyond the conventional. Herein include a hot air balloon ride, a magical medium for the new elevation as well as another vision of the surrounding below on earth. Adventure seekers are welcomed to explore the sky in an amazing […]

A visit to Siem Reap can’t be considered complete without a meal or two at Mie Café. The restaurant is in a traditional wooden Khmer house — that of the chef’s grandmother — a few minutes north of the Angkor National Museum, between downtown Siem Reap and the Angkor temples. It can be reached via […]

While Buenos Aires and Argentina are popular vacation destinations, significantly fewer people visit next door neighbour, Uruguay. This is a grave mistake, but we know readers of Luxury And Boutique Hotels won’t make that mistake!