Town and Country: Visiting Arnhem in The Netherlands

Town and Country: Visiting Arnhem in The Netherlands

Looking beyond the typical travel stops in Holland like Amsterdam and Rotterdam means you’ll have a chance to experience the country in a different way. With an urban landscape and the option to retreat to the Dutch countryside, you’ll have found your own town and country experience.

Arnhem, located in the eastern region of The Netherlands is a unique city known for its history, shopping, and beautiful surrounding area. You’ll be greeted in Arnhem with trees and rolling hills, which is rather outstanding in such a flat country.


Closest Airport: There are 3 airports which are all relatively close: Amsterdam-Schiphol, Eindhoven Airport, and the Airport Weeze in Germany. | Transfer Time: 1hr+

The historic city center makes for a wonderful place to stroll, take in the sights, and enjoy a meal. Ready for some retail therapy? Arnhem has a nice array of Dutch fashion boutiques to choose from. You can see the artistic influence from the nearby art institute, which boasts a fashion design program.

The city also has a vibrant art and music scene so check in with the visitor center to find out upcoming events. I enjoyed an open-air film festival in the summer sun. Although no matter what time you are visiting Arnhem, something is bound to be on.

City Center Highlights

+ If you’re a history buff, stroll down to the river and view the famous Battle of Arnhem site.
+ The Eusebius Church, which at the time of publication was still undergoing renovation, but it’s worth a visit.
+ Take in a show at the Musis Sacrum, or walk by to admire the architecture.
+ Peruse the various local art museums.

Retreat further into your unique Dutch experience by staying at the gorgeous Landgoed Groot Warnsborn Hotel in the countryside. It’s only a short 6 km from Arnhem and offers its guests a luxurious and memorable experience. The well-manicured English terraced gardens and surrounding forests create a lovely retreat feeling. Rooms are large with cozy beds and beautiful views. The restaurant La Belle Source has a nice range of menu options in a comfortable and nicely furnished dining room. Views of the garden make for a wonderful start to the day while you enjoy the breakfast buffet. When you’re looking for a luxury hotel in Arnhem, the Landgoed Groot Hotel is the perfect place.

Surrounding Area Highlights

+ Rent a bike and cycle in the local area. Check out for route ideas.
+ The local Netherlands Open Air Museum allows visitors to experience Holland “In one day”, as it shows Dutch life in a traditional way. Makes for a great place for families to visit. There are countless other museums
+ Visit The Veluwe, the oldest national park in The Netherlands.



Landgoed Groot Warnsborn Hotel
“With the gorgeous country house, a coach house, and orangery, this estate makes an immediate statement. “


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