Hannah and Chris are a married couple in their 30s who started working together full time in 2008. They have designed an ideal lifestyle which allows them to travel extensively whilst growing their business. They have recently returned from a round the world trip where they were lucky enough to stay in some amazing hotels.

Johanna Read is a Canadian travel and food writer/photographer. She swapped her life as an executive with the Canadian government for a nomadic lifestyle, and now travels the world sharing the good things she finds. She’s constantly on the lookout for delicious eats (avoiding “tourist food” unless starving), and for what to see and do between snacks. Johanna also provides tourism commissions and providers of tourism services with advice on how to best appeal to the western traveller.

She’s travelled to 52 countries and counting, been above the Arctic Circle, traversed the Atlantic on the world’s largest sailing ship, and crossed the equator by sea (but has yet to cross it on foot). Her favourite countries are Namibia, Turkey, Laos and Uruguay; though new countries are always changing her list.

Johanna visited six continents in 2014-15 and hopes to repeat the feat this year. You’ll find hotel features from her from her home Canada, and from Tunisia, Morocco, China, Ecuador, Peru, Malaysia, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Indonesia, Namibia and South Africa, as well as lots of travel advice in our destination guides. So far in 2016 she’s been to Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay, and back to China. She’ll be in Arkansas and Cuba before heading to Estonia and nearby. In September she’ll go hiking in Scotland and hopes to make a stopover in Iceland along the way.

Find links to all Johanna’s writing and photographs at http://TravelEater.net

Nancy is a writer, traveler and food enthusiast. Her perfect weekend involves exploring new places, spending time in nature and searching out the kind of food and drink that stimulates all the senses (like a sizzling bowl of Korean bibimbap).

Nancy’s work as a travel writer began with her contributions to the book, The Best Places to Kiss in the Northwest. She has taken cooking classes in Thailand, eaten termites in Belize, and discovered the joy of grilled octopus in Greece.

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Visit Nancy’s writing website – www.nancythewriter.com

Rachel has lived in Andalucia, Spain since leaving England in 1996. She enjoys nothing more than exploring her new homeland from rambling on country tracks and discovering wine cellars to luxurious city hotels and fine dining, which she writes about and shares mainly on the internet.

Her first foray into blogging was Andalucia for Holidays, closely followed by Andalucia Explorer. She also shares some of the great hotels she checks out as a Trip Planner for Only Spain via its sisiter blog Luxury Spain Travel. If you’re looking to explore inland Andalucia and its array of charming hotels Rachel is definitely in the know.