Witt Istanbul

Istanbul, Turkey

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Witt Istanbul
Witt Istanbul
Witt Istanbul
Witt Istanbul
Witt Istanbul



From US$220 per night including buffet or bedside breakfast

– Welcome drink brought up to the room – no standing around awkwardly in the lobby guzzling a drink before you can settle in.
– Healthy turn down service – We returned from dinner to find the curtains closed and an apple laid on the pillows.

– Towel hooks in the bathroom are awkwardly placed above a shelf
– Bathroom exhaust fan attached to the main bathroom light


Closest Airport: Atatürk International | Transfer Time: 30min | Transfer by: Taxi/ Shuttle Bus


+90 212 293 15 00




Review Team

The Witt Istanbul will let you get in touch with your funky side. This minimalist, retro design hotel is set between two of Istanbul’s coolest neighbourhoods of Beyoglu and Taksim, minutes from Istanbul’s premier shopping street, hip cafes and restaurants and the Museum of Modern Art. For history and Ottoman opulence, it’s only a 30 minute walk (or short tram ride) across Galata Bridge to Sultanahmet’s main Old Town sights.

The hotel design fits into the neighbourhood. Funky jazz tunes permeate the lobby and library area. Upstairs, the 18 rooms are large and resemble studio apartments rather than a hotel. They are furnished with organic wooden furniture, hard wooden floors and soft rugs in the bedroom and living areas. You can definitely make yourself at home here, hang your clothes in the full size wardrobe, chill out to watch TV on your sofa or rocking chair, hook your tunes up to the Bluetooth radio system and make yourself a Nespresso coffee. Wi-Fi with some of the fastest speeds we’ve seen in Turkey will keep business travellers happy and stress free.

We also loved the wonderful views of Istanbul’s skyline from Room 32. Stepping out on the French balcony bought me closer to the sights and smells of Istanbul but double glazing kept the noise out at night. The roof terrace garden area also offers spectacular views across the Goldern Horn. You can clearly make out Galata Tower, various Mosques and Topkapi Palace. All that’s missing is a rooftop bar.

There’s a 1:1 employee to room ratio which means things seem to happen almost before you ask. The reception staff have an excellent blend of giving just enough information without being pushy or overwhelming.

Organic and sustainability seems to be important. Herbs and vegetables grow among the flowers on the roof top and the breakfast is made up of organic and chemically free ingredients. There’s plenty of choice, but one of the best things about breakfast is having it served in your room.

The Witt Istanbul doesn’t see many families but couples and friends will love the service, location and space.