Torre Mar Galápagos

Galápagos Islands, Ecuador

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Torre Mar Galápagos
Torre Mar Galápagos
Torre Mar Galápagos
Torre Mar Galápagos
Torre Mar Galápagos



US$ 125 – 550 / night or US$ 750 – 2500 / week

– Full kitchen with gas stove to create your own Galapagos gastronomic feasts
– Rent multiple apartments if you’ve been travelling with a group (can sleep up to 16)
– Room to stretch out and feel like you’re at home

– Would be lovely to have a few basics stocked in the kitchen beyond salt and pepper
– Beds aren’t too photogenic, but are very comfortable!


Closest Airport: Seymour Airport, Baltra Island | Transfer Time: 1hr | Transfer by: Boat & Taxi





Johanna ReadJohanna Read
Contributing Editor

Sometimes you want a home away from home. Hotels are nice, but they do involve a certain adherence to a schedule. It can get tiring eating in restaurants all the time, and having to go out if you want more than a mini bar snack or room service. Perhaps you want more privacy. Sometimes you need a little more space, ideally with a terrace and a view. Particularly when you’re travelling with children.

These are the times you want an apartment, not a hotel suite. Torre Mar Luxury Vacation Rentals is an excellent choice on the main island of Santa Cruz in Galapagos, particularly after the rigorous schedule of a cruise and you just want to relax at the end of your vacation.

Owners Donna and John have several apartments and even a town house available, depending on how much space you need. I stayed in a lovely two bedroom flat in their main building, a few blocks from Puerto Ayora’s main street and on the same floor as the huge Terraza Social with a hammock, barbeque and views of the sea. You’re a short walk to restaurants, bars, food shops, day-trip providers and the port with its sleeping sea lions.

The flats are well-furnished and well-supplied. When you see the giant lobsters for sale at the fish market, you will crave the opportunity to cook up a feast. At Torre Mar you can! There’s even a blender so you can mix up some creative cocktails to enjoy on the terrace.

Flats all have a private balcony, come fully furnished, with full kitchen including microwave, plus LCD TV with DVD, and a local cell phone (you just need to buy minutes; SIM cards are difficult for non-Ecuadorians to buy).