Riad Tizwa

Fez (medina), Morocco

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Riad Tizwa, Fez (medina)
Riad Tizwa, Fez (medina)
Riad Tizwa, Fez (medina)
Riad Tizwa, Fez (medina)
Riad Tizwa, Fez (medina)



From US$100-120 (spring), including breakfast and tax

– Extremely kind and helpful staff (and there is already a high standard in Morocco)
– Good wifi (for Fès), even on the roof terrace!
– Great breakfast, especially lovely on the rooftop terrace

– When the rain cover is over the courtyard and the salon fireplace is lit, it can smell a touch smoky inside the riad


Closest Airport: Fès-Saïss | Transfer Time: 35 minutes | Transfer by: Taxi/ Shuttle Bus


+1 310 854 2834




Johanna ReadJohanna Read
Contributing Editor

It was surprisingly quiet at Riad Tizwa, a small boutique hotel in the Batha region of Fès’ medina. Riads and medina living can be a bit noisy, but not so at Riad Tizwa.

Before I went to sleep in my large room I closed the glass windows and wooden shutters, and through the night and morning I heard no call to prayer and no kitchen noises. If a good sleep is important to you (and isn’t it important for everyone?!), Riad Tizwa is a great choice.

I took tea in the courtyard with its beautiful ceiling decorations (covered for the rain), and poked my head in the salon with fireplace. Riad Tizwa has seven bedrooms, all different, and all but one with ensuite bath. Two rooms are on the small side, with a lower ceiling — pick what suits your price range and preferences. The entire house can sleep up to 16 people.

My room had a fireplace as well as two heaters, but I didn’t need them inside my curtained king size bed. There was A/C too, for when the weather turns hot. I had a day bed near the fireplace as well as a couch to stretch out on. My bathroom with copper sink and a shower was up a flight of stairs, next to a room which acted as a giant closet. There was a small toilet room too, just a few steps up from the door.

Though the staircases are steep (like in most riads), Riad Tizwa unusually has handrails to help you get up and down safely. Be sure to climb the staircase to the roof and you’ll be rewarded with a multi-tiered terrace complete with lemon trees, on which I had a fabulous breakfast.

Riad Tizwa puts a lot of effort into their delicious breakfasts, and you can eat them anywhere you’d like in the riad and at any time you’d like too. How luxurious! The staff put a lot of effort into service too. They are extremely kind and professional, and work hard to make your stay completely enjoyable.

To the front door of Riad Tizwa, you only need to walk 50 meters from where a taxi can drop you off. It is easy to find, though there are many neighbourhood boys who politely insist on walking you there (no need to pay them if you’ve been clear you don’t want their help).

There’s a sister Riad Tizwa in Marrakech too.