Queen’s Inn

Manitoulin Island, Ontario, Canada

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Queen’s Inn, Manitoulin Island
Queen’s Inn, Manitoulin Island
Queen’s Inn, Manitoulin Island
Queen’s Inn, Manitoulin Island
Queen’s Inn, Manitoulin Island



From US$100

– Snacks offered throughout the day
– Breakfast is extensive and made fresh

– No “do not disturb” signs
– Not all bathrooms are en-suite


1 416 450-4866 (Jan to April)
1 705 282 0665 (May to Oct)



Jennifer BillockJennifer Billock
Review Team

This luxury bed and breakfast, built in 1890, has always been an inn. In its early days, it had a saloon on the first floor and stables next door, where the drunks were sent to sleep it off. Today, the saloon is a kitchen and the stables are gone, replaced with the attached house of the owners.

Guests to the inn are allowed to use the parlor and library—but food and drink are not allowed in the parlor, which is attached to the owner’s dining room. The inn has three floors with eight rooms named after British royals of centuries past. Although the rooms are incredibly clean and comfortable, one of the downfalls to my stay was that I did not have an ensuite bathroom. I used one down the hall which was only for guests in my room, but the door had no key to keep other guests out. The building overall has been lovingly maintained and transported me back to an era of elegance and style. The owner is a lovely woman willing to help in any way possible, and will even draw out a driving route on a map of the island to help plan your day.

Breakfast is full-service, all the way down to coffee and tea. The meal comes in courses, often starting with oatmeal or macerated fresh fruit, followed by an egg dish, and sometimes finishing with a dessert. Everything is made from scratch, usually from ingredients local to the island. The owner, Susan, encourages guests to finish their morning coffee or tea on the veranda, taking in a gorgeous view of Gore Bay and the harbor.