Luna Runtun Adventure Spa

Baños, Ecuador

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Luna Runtun Adventure Spa, Ecuador
Luna Runtun Adventure Spa, Ecuador
Luna Runtun Adventure Spa, Ecuador
Luna Runtun Adventure Spa, Ecuador
Luna Runtun Adventure Spa, Ecuador



From US$110 (inclusive of dinner and breakfast)

– Incredible views, especially from the baths
– Guide Rodrigo is extremely knowledgable (and fluent in English)
– Checkout is at 12:30 – now that’s a luxury!

– While you’ll get by without Spanish, your stay will likely be richer and friendlier if you can speak “un piquito”


+ 593 3 274 0882


Johanna ReadJohanna Read
Contributing Editor

Perched on the northern slope of the active Tungurahua volcano (yes, it is safe), is the lovely Luna Runtun, a boutique resort spread out over 310 green acres.

Many people walk up to Luna Runtun from the town of Baños below to enjoy the views, the café and restaurant, the spa, and the baths. There are several pools including a large temperate pool and a bubbling hot tub which overlook pretty Baños, a town known for its waterfalls, and, as you guessed if you have any Spanish, baths.

If you stay in one of Luna Runtun’s rooms or, better, a suite, you’ll be able to enjoy the resort’s views, pools and luxurious accommodations at your leisure. My suite even had its own hot tub — without the views, yes, but it was built for two, and I could add bubbles!

Every room at Luna Runtun is different, some with themes (in the Astral Suite you can see the stars through the skylight). One room is specifically designed to accommodate wheelchairs. Some suites have fireplaces, some have hot tubs, all are beautiful. For special occasions, rose petals will even be laid out to welcome you.

The hotel bills itself as an adventure spa, and arranges a wide variety of activities such as hiking, biking, canyoning, and horseback riding. Their guide, Rodrigo, seems to know everything about Ecuador and its amazing environment. He explains how the volcano has 26 canyons which would absorb the lava from any eruption, and that even the ash rarely affects Baños, being blown to other parts of enchanting Ecuador instead.

If you’re looking for a quiet romantic stay with spectacular views, Luna Runtun would be an excellent choice.