Lumeria Resort

Maui, Hawaii

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Lumeria Resort, Maui, Hawaii
Lumeria Resort, Maui, Hawaii
Lumeria Resort, Maui, Hawaii
Lumeria Resort, Maui, Hawaii
Lumeria Resort, Maui, Hawaii
Lumeria Resort, Maui, Hawaii



From US299+ per night

– Calm, secluded atmosphere
– Warm, nurturing ambience
– Wonderful food
– Full slate of health and wellness classes

– Some might not take to the overall atmosphere of spirituality


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Chelsea BattenChelsea Batten
Review Team

I was welcomed to Lumeria by a handful of Surinam cherries, picked for me by the concierge as he walked me to my corner room, overlooking the sugarcane slope down to the deepening sunset and the twinkling lights of Maui’s western shore. Those who visit this holistic health resort call it a magical place. They come up with all sorts of reasons for this magic, which the ambience can hardly contradict–a harmonious vibration in the earth, they say, or a commitment to purity in the comforts they provide, or a an intentional consciousness brought to every encounter. Even the most skeptical will be struck by what owner Xorin Balbes calls their ethic of living from the heart.

Built in a former convalescent home, Lumeria is far more than the sum of its twenty rooms, community dining room, and collection of yoga studios and treatment hales.

The grounds are a tastefully tamed jungle of edible plants and native flora in which colored lanterns hide, making themselves known only about he time that evening meditation starts. At the back of the property, a saltwater infinity pool faces the ocean, offering a peaceful view along with the soothing properties that are known to tranquilize and even help certain skin disorders. At the other side is the whispering pine forest, where Lumeria’s repeat guests…of which there are many…recommend midnight meditation sessions while gazing up into the immanent stars.

A verdant courtyard, anchored by a spacious yoga platform, is surrounded with garden furniture discreetly screened by trees hung with stained glass lanterns. The lobby’s central parlor is a study in calming opulence, part Balinese temple and part New Age elemental. The rooms are decorated in elegant minimalism, with four-poster teak beds spread in snowy linen, slate-tiled bathrooms stocked with Aveda products, and a stone-floor shower.

With locally crafted meals, classes, and meditation and yoga sessions all included, the Lumeria experience is a one-of-a-kind retreat that will surprise, delight and rejuvenate both new visitors to the island and those looking for something more.