Landmark Inn

Marquette, Michigan, USA

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Landmark Inn, Marquette, Michigan
Landmark Inn, Marquette, Michigan
Landmark Inn, Marquette, Michigan
Landmark Inn, Marquette, Michigan
Landmark Inn, Marquette, Michigan



From US$139

– The hotel is beautifully restored
– A decorative fireplace in every room
– The hotel is haunted

– Also, the hotel is haunted
– The restaurants are unique but the food is lacking


Jennifer BillockJennifer Billock
Review Team

The Landmark Inn is Marquette’s honored historic hotel. Construction began on the hotel in 1910, then named the Northland Hotel. The business was the height of Marquette’s social scene for decades until it fell into disrepair. Eventually it was bought and underwent a renovation, and now the hotel retains its original beauty in architecture, design, and service.

Nearly all of the light fixtures and surfaces of the hotel are original, and antiques are found throughout the lobby and in the guestrooms. A few of the rooms are named after celebrities who have stayed at the hotel during its long history: Amelia Earhart, Abbot and Costello, John Voelker, George Shiras, Bishop Baraga, Fred Rydholm, and more. I stayed in the William Austin Burt room. The decorations and wallpaper brought in a sense of luxury, topped off with the ornamental fireplace in the corner. Antique furnishings mixed with more modern pieces added to the old-world feel of the experience.

One of my favorite things about the hotel was that the lounge on the top floor allowed guests to order food from either of the hotel’s two restaurants and have it served up there. The menu had some unique items, like savory cheesecakes, but overall the food was a bit of a letdown and pretty expensive. But the view from the lounge is spectacular and definitely something worth seeing, as well as the hand-painted fresco on the ceiling in the banquet room across the hall.