Klaus K

Helsinki, Finland

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Klaus K, Helsinki
Klaus K, Helsinki
Klaus K, Helsinki
Klaus K, Helsinki
Klaus K, Helsinki



From US$162 per night

– The hotel’s design is modern and very attractive.
– The downstairs bar is posh and a great place to hang out.

– The Sky Loft rooms can be tricky to navigate at night; I fell down the stairs.


Closest Airport: Helsinki | Transfer Time: 30 min | Transfer by: Taxi


+358 20 770 4700




Jennifer BillockJennifer Billock
Review Team

The Klaus K is Finland’s first Design Hotel and celebrates the country’s heritage like no other. The rooms and overall design are based on Finland’s national epic, the Kalevala, and has images of the characters throughout the halls. All of the rooms are representative in some way of the four emotional themes in the Kalevala: passion, desire, envy, and mysticism.

We stayed in a Sky Loft room, the newest concept of rooms at the Klaus K. The bedroom area is on an elevated platform looking over the living portion of the room, and the bathrooms are spacious and modern. Every corner of the room has some sort of artistic flair, whether it’s sculptural lighting hanging over the sink, or a textured wall of light next to the bed. Guests staying in the Sky Lofts not only have their own entrance to the hotel, but also have open access to the rooftop terrace. You can also stream your own music through the room’s sound system or enjoy the hotel’s dedicated music channels.

Breakfast has a unique option – you can either stay in the hotel’s lounge area and have a traditional Finnish breakfast, or you can go into the adjoining restaurant, Toscanini, and have an Italian breakfast.

The hotel is located right in downtown Helsinki and is the perfect home base for exploring the city by foot, tram, or bike. An exceptionally helpful front desk staff will answer any questions you have, give you directions, and invite you to all of the several cocktail and snack hours hotel guests can take advantage of.