Hotel Solymar

Isla Santa Cruz, Galápagos, Ecuador

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Hotel Solymar, Galápagos Islands
Hotel Solymar, Galápagos Islands
Hotel Solymar, Galápagos Islands
Hotel Solymar, Galápagos Islands
Hotel Solymar, Galápagos Islands



Oceanfront rooms from US$380, inclusive of a large buffet breakfast and mini-bar snacks

– Fantastic views and Galápagos animals too!
– Chef Edwin Viña’s impressive cooking
– Listen to the waves as you drift off to sleep

– Voices can carry … you might want earplugs if you want to sleep in


Closest Airport: Seymour Airport, Baltra Island | Transfer Time: 1hrn | Transfer by: Boat & Taxi


+(593 5) 252 6281



Johanna ReadJohanna Read
Contributing Editor

After my Galápagos cruise, I’m anxious to check email. I sit on my balcony at Hotel Solymar, looking out over the jacuzzi, lap pool and the ocean. However, I’m very quickly distracted from my phone.

Two sealions swim by, arcing out of the water like dolphins. A heron sits by the pool, gazing out at the same gorgeous view as me. Pelicans lumber by and frigates soar overhead. There are several marine iguana soaking up the heat of the sun on the pool deck. This is an easy safari!

Hotel Solymar is the oldest hotel on Isla Santa Cruz, but with the current main building constructed just eight years ago, the only way you can tell is from the assured hospitality and service.

A short walk from the main Puerto Ayora pier, the hotel (and its 3-year-old sister Isla Del Sol, providing meeting space and bigger suites, just across the street) is extremely convenient to all the restaurants, shops and day trip providers in town.

Family-owned and operated, Solymar makes you feel welcomed and relaxed.

But instead of heading out to a restaurant, sit next to the sea and enjoy Chef Edwin Viña’s fantastic cooking. Perched next to the pool and surrounded by a flower- and herb- filled garden, this is a restaurant not to be missed. Classic and creative sushi, fresh seafood, lomo, a wide variety of veggies, tempting desserts — far beyond what I expected on an island 1000km from the mainland!

And during my delicious lunch, not only do I see all the animals above, but a turtle and a huge eagle ray swim by too.