Hotel Cour du Corbeau

Strasbourg, France

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Hotel Cour du Corbeau, Strasbourg
Hotel Cour du Corbeau, Strasbourg
Hotel Cour du Corbeau, Strasbourg
Hotel Cour du Corbeau, Strasbourg
Hotel Cour du Corbeau, Strasbourg



From US$280 + per night

– Great location in the center of Strasbourg
– The staff go above and beyond to make you have a wonderful stay
– Great breakfast selection

– No onsite parking but there is a public car park near by


+33 3 90 00 26 26


Chris & HannahChris & Hannah

Who knew Strasbourg was such a great city? And if you’re looking to not just wander through streets steeped in history but to also spend a night in a slice of the past, the Cour du Corbeau is an ideal choice (plus it is the number 1 Strasbourg hotel on Tripadvisor).

Tucked away down a narrow lane with beamed 16th century facades pressing down from several stories above, the hotel wins the battle of historic versus modern with neither side losing. Wooden staircases ascend lopsidedly alongside tilted bannisters, whilst the plush bar exudes modern chic. As you move through the hotel you’ll transition from an authentic glimpse into 17th century France into the dimly lit, contemporary reception without missing a step.

The staff put the average guest to shame by happily switching between numerous languages to make sure you get just the breakfast you want (the pastries are delicious!) and everything from parking to pillows is seamlessly handled. The location is also a major plus with lively restaurants and bars at the end of the hotels’ cobbled street, close enough that you are in the heart of the action but at enough of an arm’s length to guarantee a peaceful night’s sleep.