Hermosa Inn

Paradise Valley, USA

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Hermosa Inn, Paradise Valley
Hermosa Inn, Paradise Valley
Hermosa Inn, Paradise Valley
Hermosa Inn, Paradise Valley
Hermosa Inn, Paradise Valley



From US516+ per night
– Quiet and secluded
– Staff attentive to every detail
– A great on-site restaurant

– Subdued atmosphere may not suit livelier tastes;
– Area attractions are at least a fifteen-minute drive away.


+800 241-1210



Chelsea BattenChelsea Batten
Review Team

For a diminutive boutique hotel, the Hermosa Inn offers loads of features to love: its quiet seclusion cradled against the side of Camelback Mountain, the unexpected riot of color offered by its desert foliage, its quirky history as the former estate of cowboy artist Lon Megargee.

Visitors fall quickly in love with not only the period charm of its hacienda-style architecture—painted tiles embedded in mauve adobe walls, traditional beehive fireplaces, heavy roofbeams that throw a criss-cross pattern down from the skylight— but also with the finesse of the Hermosa Inn’s hospitality— gauze-hung iron canopy spread with meltingly soft sheets, a capacious antique bathtub stocked with lemon-balm soap, homemade chocolates left unobtrusively on the hearth, the cocktail hour illuminated by a string of cafe lights and serenaded by 1950s cowboy standards.

But the aspect that charmed me most was the birds who, like the inn’s many repeat guests, have made the 34-room property their personal sanctuary. I enjoyed a visit from a pair of quail while taking morning coffee on my private patio, drowsed in a hammock attended by hummingbirds, and watched a barred owl swoop across the pink sky as the moon rose. Anywhere else, subtleties like these might have escaped my notice, but the Hermosa Inn provides the perfect environment for attuning yourself to nature’s quieter beauties.