Dominican Hotel

Brussels, Belgium

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Dominican Hotel, Brussels
Dominican Hotel, Brussels
Dominican Hotel, Brussels
Dominican Hotel, Brussels
Dominican Hotel, Brussels



From US185+ per night
– The gym has a boxing room and free apples!
– Location, location, location! The hotel is a five-minute walk from both the Grand Palace and the central train station, and sits across the street from the opera house.

– If you’re not dressed up, the restaurant staff may ignore you when you arrive.


+32 2 203 08 08


Jennifer BillockJennifer Billock
Review Team

The Dominican Hotel in Brussels lives and breathes the history of its location. In the 15th century, the spot was home to a Dominican Abbey, and in the 1800s, famous French painter Jacques-Louis David lived there. Currently, past meets present in the façade, which integrates portions of the front of David’s house, and with abbey-inspired features throughout the interior. High ceilings greet guests as they enter the lobby, along with stone floors, a stunning courtyard, and a unique circular floral pattern worked into the design.

Secure elevators operated only by room keycards are an oasis, floating up to the sounds of chanting monks and ancient music. The serenity continues over the threshold into the rooms themselves. Sleek lines and sultry curves in the furniture are mirrored by a plush bed and, in the bathroom, a rainshower shower head. Dark wood and subtle lighting make it easy for you to relax among the history of place.

The finery continues into the restaurant, where delicious meals with a a unique flair are served in a low-lit tranquil dining room. Try the risotto with asparagus and pistachio. It’s creamy, nutty, and to die for. In the gym, a boxing room sits off to one side, and although in small quarters, a sauna and exercise equipment are available for use. Make sure to come at off-peak hours so the machines won’t be full.