Desert Luxury Camp

Erg Chebbi, Morocco

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Desert Luxury Camp, Erg Chebbi
Desert Luxury Camp, Erg Chebbi
Desert Luxury Camp, Erg Chebbi
Desert Luxury Camp, Erg Chebbi
Desert Luxury Camp, Erg Chebbi



From US$220 per person per night

– Incredible views of the desert landscape
– Complete peace – no sounds or lights mean you sleep well and the stars are the brightest you’ll ever see
– Flushing toilets and heated showers

– Flies! (we travelled in September, it may be different at other times in the year)
– The tent gets incredibly hot during the day


Closest Airport: Errachidia, flights from Casablanca | Transfer Time: 2 hours | Transfer by: Taxi/ Car





Review Team

Camping and luxury don’t often go hand in hand, in your head or in reality. Well, let Desert Luxury Camp change your mind about that!

Set at Erg Chebbi in the Moroccan Sahara desert, this is far from traditional camping. Each ‘suite’ is a large tent with king size bed and a single bed, dressing table area, seating area and ensuite shower and toilet with hot water and toiletries. You also have power sockets in your tent to ensure that everything is charged and ready for the hundreds of pictures you’ll be taking.

Within the main camp there is a dining tent (you can also eat outside under the stars), chill-out area, camp fire, hammock area and plenty of seating. The tents are luxuriously decorated with beautifully crafted furniture and textiles, as is the whole camp with sumptuous Moroccan carpets and cushions throughout. At night, the patterned lanterns provide a stunning backdrop to the endless Moroccan stars.

The camp is set by itself in what feels like the middle of nowhere, with a huge sunset-orange sand dune as a backdrop. As you drive towards it, you’ll see many signs for other camps, which are often very close together and busy, unlike the complete peace that Desert Luxury Camp offers you.

Set further back, about a 20 minute drive off-road in a 4×4 from the nearest road, the silence and darkness that the Desert Luxury Camp offers is indescribable, you really need to experience it to believe it. Relaxing on the sunloungers in camp and watching the Milky Way with its shooting stars and the odd visible planet is an incredibly special experience. The dune behind the camp is also the perfect spot for sunrise and sunset-watching.

All food is provided for you in camp if you are staying for at least 2 nights (recommended) and you’ll be treated to traditional Moroccan breakfasts with pancakes, cakes, bread, yogurt, fruit, hot drinks and fruit juice. Lunches will be a selection of Moroccan dishes including couscous, meat, salad and breads. And dinners will be a taste sensation with succulent tagines filled with lamb, chicken, couscous, traditional kefta and soups. Make sure you make the most of the unlimited Moroccan mint tea and soft drinks to keep you hydrated in the desert heat, your host Houssaine will ensure that you are refreshed and very well looked after.

Included within your stay are activities such as camel rides, sandboarding, board games in camp, visits to local villages, traditional Berber music and, of course, relaxing. The camp has a brilliant driver, Mustapha, who will be able to organise transport for all of this, will expertly guide your 4×4 through the sandy desert, and can also arrange transfers to the camp from other parts of Morocco.