Ambong Ambong Rainforest Retreat

Langkawi, Malaysia

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Ambong Ambong Rainforest Retreat
Ambong Ambong Rainforest Retreat
Ambong Ambong Rainforest Retreat
Ambong Ambong Rainforest Retreat
Ambong Ambong Rainforest Retreat



From US$215+ per night (inclusive of breakfast)

– Special events available such as the yoga and Ayurveda distressing retreat, a nature retreat, a healing holiday, and an Ayurvedic cooking class
– Huge breakfast delivered to your room the night before so you can eat at your leisure
– Environmental approach: only three significant trees were removed to build the retreat; they re-use 80% of waste water (and aim for 100%).

– A steep climb to get up and down the hill to your room, but you can always call for a ride (cell phone provided). The walk seems tougher on the golf cart than your feet!


+604 955 8428


Johanna ReadJohanna Read
Contributing Editor

I hear a rustle in the trees. I’m sitting in the large kitchen/living room of my suite, open to the rainforest on one and a half sides. A monkey peeks around the pillar at me, and scampers off. An hour later two giant squirrels (Ratufa bicolor) come by to show off their golden bellies.

I’m at the Ambong Ambong Rainforest Retreat, and I’m really in the rainforest. The 3 suites (November 2013), 2 cottages and 6 studios (December 2011) are built around existing trees up a very steep hill.

I love how I can sit in the open air during the day, gazing at the trees and the sea, but then close the glass doors on the rainforest and retreat inside my huge bedroom to sleep. My suite is zen-like: clean lines, well-chosen art, and an ideal spot for yoga in front of the picture window. I have everything I need: mini-kitchen including a microwave, AC, fan, TV with DVD, reliable wifi, wooden bathtub for two on the deck, and oodles of beautiful space.

At the resort are a pool, a yoga deck, the Ishan Health Spa, and the Unkaizan Japanese Restaurant, one of the best places to eat in Malaysia.

At this resort, you’re secluded but not isolated. A lovely beach (Pentai Tengah) is a few minutes walk, as are restaurants and shops, and it is only a 15 minute walk to the middle of the busy Pentai Cenang beach area.

Ambong Ambong will rejuvenate you — it is so quiet and comfortable, you might not want to leave!