Nancy is a writer, traveler and food enthusiast. Her perfect weekend involves exploring new places, spending time in nature and searching out the kind of food and drink that stimulates all the senses (like a sizzling bowl of Korean bibimbap).

Nancy’s work as a travel writer began with her contributions to the book, The Best Places to Kiss in the Northwest. She has taken cooking classes in Thailand, eaten termites in Belize, and discovered the joy of grilled octopus in Greece.

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Rachel has lived in Andalucia, Spain since leaving England in 1996. She enjoys nothing more than exploring her new homeland from rambling on country tracks and discovering wine cellars to luxurious city hotels and fine dining, which she writes about and shares mainly on the internet.

Her first foray into blogging was Andalucia for Holidays, closely followed by Andalucia Explorer. She also shares some of the great hotels she checks out as a Trip Planner for Only Spain via its sisiter blog Luxury Spain Travel. If you’re looking to explore inland Andalucia and its array of charming hotels Rachel is definitely in the know.

Katherine Wright, hailing from Portland, Oregon recently found location independence in 2014 and hasn’t looked back. She works as an independent contractor for a US based software company, while happily traveling the world.

With a background in public health, she values health and staying active. Wherever she goes, she takes her running shoes to find and explore the best trails and city parks. Katherine enjoys biking, practicing yoga, and hiking during her travels. Another draw of globetrotting? The variety of food, and a glass of wine once in awhile too!

Most of her travels have been in Europe, although South East Asia is calling. She loves taking photos, meeting new people, learning languages along the way, and big comfy beds.

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Shona has been a keen traveller her whole life, fortunate to have two keen travellers as parents who took her to places such as Australia, Thailand, the USA, Singapore, Croatia, plenty of Europe and the UK, and taught her to ski, surf and enjoy the outdoors as a child. As an adult she has lived and worked in the UK, France, Italy and Canada, and been lucky to travel to Japan, Dubai, Morocco, Italy, the USA and more countries in Europe. Along the way, windsurfing, surfing, skiing, sandboarding, swimming, kayaking, fishing and walking have played a big part in travels. And she’s always keen to try something new, especially sports and food.

Shona has spent the past 8 years working in the tourism industry in the UK, both for tourist boards and as a consultant, specialising in marketing. She is now Head of Operations for Accomable, a platform advertising holiday accommodation for people with disabilities worldwide, it fuels the wanderlust every day. In her spare time she loves baking and eating cake, and never stops exploring and planning new travels.