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Saigon / Ho Chi Minh City is a vibrant, colourful, chaotic, wonderful place. The city can be overwhelming at first, teeming with people. On my first day I wondered how I was going to cross the road. But within hours, I was crossing the road like a pro, shuffling along, not making any sudden movements, allowing the motorbikes to weave around me. A lot has changed since my first visit nearly three years ago but my favourite thing still exists – the food.

I didn’t know much about Vietnamese food before coming to Saigon but it’s easily the best thing about Vietnam. I love the freshness, the chili and the herbs.

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Most people whizz through Selcuk in a day or two, taking in the wonders of the ruins of Ephesus and a whirl round the other sites and monuments in the town. With a driver it is possible to see the main sites in one day. However, I recommend taking your time, chill out for at least three days. There are a few day trips further afield which will keep you occupied for four or five days with Selcuk as your base.

Selcuk itself is a lovely rural Turkish town. The people are among the friendliest and most helpful in all of Turkey.
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Many travellers spend a mere two days in Cappadocia but for a fuller and richer experience, we recommend at least four days (We could easily have filled six days). With only two days, you’ll barely scratch the surface and spend all your time rushing around like a crazy person, instead of enjoying what the region has to offer.

Here are some suggestions on how to spend your time in this incredible landscape.
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