A Locals Guide To Bangkok

A Locals Guide To Bangkok

We’ve all heard about the usual sights on the tourist trail, the temples, the palaces, the river cruises and the floating markets. But how do locals spend their time in Bangkok? We quizzed an ex-pat mate and his Bangkok born and bred better half to spill the beans….(in case you don’t notice, they like to eat, drink and shop- but who doesn’t?!)


  • Thai Wake Park
    Thai Wake Park is one of a couple of places which offers the perfect opportunity to look like an idiot trying a new sport while cooling off from the city humidity. Using cable towers to pull you along there are rides both for beginners and the foolhardy!

  • Buffet lunch at the Oriental
    The oldest and most prestigious hotel in Bangkok, the Oriental also does a killer buffet lunch. Rock up for a huge selection including sushi, seafood and desserts all for a very reasonable price tag, but be sure to wear loose pants!

  • Lumpini or Suan Luang Rama VIII Parks
    Rent a boat on the lake, check out historical monuments (and even the occasional concert) or simply breathe a bit more freely in the wide green space within Bangkok’s urban sprawl.

  • Lifestyle malls
    Shopping, cinemas, restaurants, bars- the young, old and families spend plenty of time in these shiny and air conditioned mega malls.

  • China town
    Tourists and locals love china town by day or night, whether it’s for the street food, the temples, to the experience the vibrancy of a colourful and noisy festival or just check out this 1km stretch of unique wooden fronted shops.

  • Lunch markets
    Locals can’t get enough of these fantastic places for street food, clothes, shoes, handbags.. anything you can think of, and for super cheap prices. Usually set up near bustling business districts these markets throng with office workers in their lunch breaks.

  • Cake shops
    If you are wondering what the queue snaking round the block is all about- chances are it’s a bakery. I have it on good authority that locals go MAD for the amazing Shibuya Honey Toast at the hugely popular ‘After You’ dessert cafe- Be prepared to wait in line though!

  • Beer gardens
    Inhabitants of the northern hemisphere may not notice that its winter but around November/ December time Thai folk will head to the beer gardens for some seasonal good cheer. With live music and a warm atmosphere it may not evoke a winter wonderland but the beer will be good and lights a-twinkling.

You can also try checking out the BK magazine for an up to date low-down on what’s hot and what’s not in Bangkok.

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